Visualizing Career Paths

Employees within an organization may want to explore other potential job titles and see how their skills match up.

Sample Scenario

A technical writer at Software Products Inc. is looking to advance her career. She wants to view job titles adjacent to her current position and identify what skills she would need for each potential job.


Career Path API functionality can assist the technical writer in researching adjacent positions. The API can also compare her current skill set to required skill sets for different jobs.

To view job titles similar to “Technical Writer,” she can use the Career Path API method getSimilarTitles.

While browsing similar job titles, the technical writer decides she is interested in a “Technical Writing Director” job. To identify the skills needed for this position, she can use the Career Path API method getSkillsByTitle. getSkillsByTitle takes in a 2-letter ISO country code and uses labor market data to return the most geographically relevant skill results for the given job title. Each skill returned includes a “relevancy score” which indicates how frequently the skill is required for the given job within the labor market at large. The higher a skill’s relevancy score, the more common it is for the given job title.

After the technical writer accesses the skill set for “Technical Writing Director,” she can compare it to her current skill set to understand how well her skills match up. To access her current skill set, she can use the **Employee API ** method getEmployee. She can then use the Career Path API method compareSkills to compare the two skill sets against each other.

Once the skill set match is evaluated, the technical writer can identify if she needs to partake in any reskilling or upskilling. Available trainings can be searched and viewed using the Trainings API.