APIs Documentation (1.0.0)

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Introduction to PaaS

The Skyhive Platform API provides the intelligence and tools to solve your most sophisticated workforce challenges in a way that works best for your organization.

Platform Overview

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SkyHive Platform Capabilities

This RESTful endpoints in this API enable you to leverage core SkyHive functionality in many ways, including:

  • Extracting skills from resumes, job descriptions and any other text.

  • Matching people to jobs using a skills-first algorithm.

  • Browsing similar job titles in the global labor market.

  • Exploring the skills required for different positions.

  • Identifying training opportunities to close skill gaps.

  • Normalizing skills and job titles to SkyHive's dynamic ontology.

  • Managing talent acquisition based on skills and labor market data.

Use the Platform to build bespoke applications, extend 3rd party apps, or power analytics with SkyHive's global, labor market knowledge graph.

Documentation Overview

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