Upskill Employees With Training

Sample Scenario

A Learning and Development Specialist undertakes an initiative to upskill employees for their current positions, identifying skill gaps and recommending trainings tailored to each individual.


The Learning and Development Specialist calls the Match Employee to Position API to compare the employee’s skills to the skills required for their position. This API identifies missing skills and skills the employee possesses but not at the required competency level. These are called partial skills.

The set of missing and partial skills can be used to search for trainings using the Search Trainings API. This API returns a list of training matches that includes quality scores. Training searches can be refined using a keyword in the title parameter, which is useful for keeping results focused on a training topic.

Another approach is to ask employees to add desired skills to their profile. An automated search for trainings providing these skills can be developed so that employees are presented with new courses that support their upskilling goals.