Implement a Job Architecture

Sample Scenario

A HR Manager is tasked with planning a new job architecture that better aligns with the strategic goals and direction of his company. The company is betting heavily on integration of artificial intelligence to automate tasks and this requires hiring for positions that do not currently exist at the company. The existing job architecture is badly out of date and does not reflect changes in the industry. Furthermore, the company has a new mission to become a skills-based organization and the new job architecture must be defined by skills.


The HR Manager searches for job titles in the labor market for countries in North America and Europe using the Career Path Similar Title API. This allows him to browse titles related to functional areas to be included in the job architecture. This approach lets him identify positions that would support the new focus on artificial intelligence.

Similarly, the HR Manager takes the existing job titles and normalizes them to identify the most commonly used job titles today for locations in which his company operates.

Having lists of updated and new job titles for each updated and new job title gives the manager related skills from the labor market. The Get Skills by Title API provides skills for a title in a country along with a quality score. The HR Manager reviews the skills and assign the most relevant ones to each job title, saving them to a new position using the Create Position API.

The HR Manager can quickly compare the skills of different positions, both internal to the company and external in the labor market, using the Career Path Compare Skills API. This helps clarify additional skills needed at each step up the career ladder. For example, a senior data scientist requires skills that are not required by a data scientist.

Furthermore, the HR Manager may use the Job Description API for each position to generate a sample job description using Skyhive’s proprietary large language model, which is trained on millions of labor market job descriptions. The generated job description can provide helpful content to write new position descriptions, providing greater depth of detail to the overall job architecture.