PaaS API supports globalization in different ways:

  • Localized dictionary metadata. Skyhive has a large dictionary of skills, job titles, and other entities that have titles and definitions in English and other languages. These translated fields are available in the responses of various services.

  • Multilingual Search. When a search parameter accepts non-English text the language must be specified in the header by including ‘Accept-Language’ set to a 2-letter ISO language code value.

  • Localized Response. When a job, employee, training or other PaaS entity contains skills, it is possible to set ‘Accept-Language’ to a 2-letter ISO language code. Responses include the translated title and definition.

  • Global Data. There are APIs that return global data for salaries, exchange rates, and labor market intelligence. Global data availability varies by country and some countries may have limited or no data.