Creating and Updating a Job

A SkyHive PaaS admin wants to create and add a job into the system.

Sample Scenario

Software Products Inc. wants to post a Lead Technical Architect job in SkyHive.


With the Normalization API method normalizeJobTitle, “Lead Technical Architect” can be normalized into “Senior Technical Architect” to align with SkyHive’s ontology. All job titles must be normalized before job creation can occur.

To create the “Senior Technical Architect” job, a user can call the Jobs API method createJob. createJob allows a user to enter information about a particular job, including its title, location, compensation, and other relevant details.

To populate the job’s skill set, the user can call the Career Path API method getSkillsByTitle. getSkillsByTitle takes in a 2-letter ISO country code and uses labor market data to return the most geographically relevant results for a given job title. Each skill returned includes a “relevancy score,” which indicates how important the skill is for the given job within the labor market at large. The user can add the skills by calling createJob or updateJob.