Creating Employee Profiles

A SkyHive PaaS admin will want to onboard their organization’s employees into SkyHive. Onboarding includes creating employee profiles and populating them with the employees’ skills, experience, and education.

Sample Scenario

An admin at Software Products Inc. wants each employee to create a SkyHive profile. Their goal is to provide employees with a streamlined approach to profile creation.


The Employee API method createEmployee can be used to create an individual profile.

Instead of manually entering their skills, education, and experience, an employee at Software Products Inc. can automatically populate their profile by uploading a resume in DOCX, DOC, RTF, or PDF formats. They may also upload a LinkedIn profile exported as PDF. The Parsers API method parseResume will extract relevant profile information from an uploaded file.

An employee may not want to upload a resume or LinkedIn profile, or they may want to add information not extracted from their uploaded file. In these cases, they may populate the profile fields manually. Methods in the **TypeAhead API ** provide employees with predictive search results as they manually enter their skills, experience, and education.

Once an employee’s profile is created and saved, they can go back and make edits to their information at any time using the Employee API method updateEmployee.